Why We Do Oral Cancer Screenings at Every Checkup Appointment

April 16, 2021

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Maintaining routine check-ups every six months is an important part of your oral health, but these visits are not just about cleaning your teeth and checking for cavities. Did you know that these appointments are also essential for your overall well-being? Oral cancer screenings, which are a standard part of your exams, can help you stay healthy. In fact, dentists are often the first to recognize the signs of oral cancer, helping patients get the early diagnosis and treatment they need to beat this disease.

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer encompasses the many types of cancer that can develop inside your mouth or throat through mutations to the tissue cells. Symptoms can include persistent sores on or inside your mouth; pain or tenderness in your lips, mouth, or throat; changes in your bite; or change in your voice. There are many different risk factors that can increase your chances of developing a type of mouth cancer. One of the risk factors is gender—men are twice as likely as women to develop oral cancer. Other risk factors include being over the age of 40, smoking/tobacco usage, heavy alcohol consumption, and a weakened immune system.

Although it is less common and less commonly talked about than cervical cancer, testicular cancer, and others, oral cancer tends to be more deadly. Unfortunately, it is estimated that one American dies from this form of cancer every hour of every day.

Why Does Early Detection Matter?

As with many other kinds of cancer, the sooner oral cancer is diagnosed and treated, the higher the chances of survival. In fact, patients who undergo early intervention have a survival rate of 90 percent! That’s why these screenings are a vital part of each and every patient’s exam at Winning Smile Dental Group. Catching the early signs of oral cancer is essential for recovery.

What Can You Do to Ensure Your Oral Health?

Take note of any significant changes in your overall health and discuss them with us at Winning Smile Dental Group before they possibly grow worse. Make sure to tell your hygienist or dentist about any new or unusual changes inside your mouth so they can look for symptoms during your regular visit. Also, if you use tobacco products, consider quitting, and be sure to maintain a healthy oral routine at home with daily brushing and flossing.

Ultimately, our team cares about your health and encourages you to make an appointment, even if you are behind or off course in regular dental visits. We can tell if there are any signs of oral cancer in your mouth and recommend the best strategy for treatment. It’s just one more way that we keep you smiling with confidence!

About the Practice

At Winning Smile Dental Group, our dentists are highly trained and well versed in oral issues. Dr. Polly Reese has enriched her career and expertise by expanding her knowledge and skillset within dentistry. She has completed the entire curriculum for the prestigious Spear Education: Innovative Dental Continuing Education and serves as a mentor and belongs to a local Spear Study Club that meets monthly to review case studies. In addition she has studied at the Las Vegas Institute and completed The Huggins/Grube Protocol, a study for biologic and holistic dentistry. Dr. Robert Baima has more than 40 years of clinical experience and is a Diplomate with both the American Board of Periodontology and the American Board of Prosthodontics. If you are due for a checkup appointment and oral cancer screening, you can contact Winning Smile Dental Group through our website or by calling 847-350-1697.

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