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Dr. Maura Parker

Evanston Illinois dentist Doctor Polly Reese

Dr. Maura Parker joins our team after having followed a rather indirect path back to her roots in Chicago. After graduating from Brown University and the University of Illinois College of Dentistry, she moved first to Rhode Island, then to Germany where she treated U.S. soldiers and their families, then to the Alsatian part of France, which allowed her to work in Switzerland. After 18 years abroad, her parents’ health situation called her back to Chicago.

Dr. Parker has a son, Luc, who is a freshman at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Her husband, Bernard, is a research scientist for Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Basel, Switzerland. Her top three favorite things are her family, dentistry, and travel. Other interests include reading, baking, and collecting antique embroidered linens.

Having practiced in different countries and gone to continuing education courses in even more countries, she has benefited from seeing how dentistry is practiced outside of the US. That said, she is happy to be back in the midwest practicing, and especially to be joining a practice where the focus is on the patients’ needs, quality of care, and evidence-based treatments. She looks forward to the opportunity to meet all of you.