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Is It Safe to Share a Toothbrush?
Posted on 11/25/2019 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Whether you are just sisters, or brothers, friends or even lovers, there is always that one person who will at some point want to share your toothbrush. Others will do it without knowing, and later realize their mistake, then admit it (or not). Either way, it is a widely asked question. 'Is it safe to share a toothbrush?' Now a lot of people hold different opinions. There are those who would never be caught sharing, while there are those who would give theirs to a total stranger. There are implications to this sharing though. Sometimes it could be harmful. What Happens When Two People Share A Toothbrush? The first thing that happens is that you exchange mouth bacteria. Every person has their own type of bacteria in their mouth. It is almost like having a fingerprint. These are the bacteria that their mouth is accustomed to. The saliva they produce is equipped to deal with this kind of bacteria. When this person shares a toothbrush, they gain the bacteria of another mouth. The problem is trying to make these new bacteria compatible with the conditions of their mouth. Most times, they will overpower and bring them infections that their mouth cannot readily fight naturally. How To Play Safe With Your Toothbrush If you wish to avoid disturbing the natural functioning of your mouth, then it is important that you keep your own toothbrush and do not share. Most couples like to use one toothbrush, but it is advisable to keep separate ones and play it safe. Use your own toothbrush and encourage those close to you to use theirs. You should maintain your oral health using one toothbrush for about three months, then dispose and get another. Give us a call today to get more information on why you should maintain proper oral hygiene using your own toothbrush and not a shared one....

How to Handle Fear of Coming to Our Office
Posted on 11/15/2019 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Visiting any kind of doctor can be stressful for most people. We understand that it can be daunting at times and you may be afraid of us causing pain or giving you bad news about your oral health, but we pride ourselves as the friendliest office around. We take steps to provide the most professional care possible and take our patient's individual needs into consideration for every visit. We will always consult you before we do anything to your teeth and make sure that you are comfortable with it. If you face fear before coming to our office, there are some steps to take before coming in to help handle the fear. Steps to Take Before coming into our office, we recommend that you write down any issues you have been experiencing since your last appointment. We notice a lot of fear comes from being unable to accurately describe a problem. Write down your concerns whether it is pain in a certain tooth, general discomfort, or just a question you would like to ask us. This way we can help you to the best of our abilities when you come in. An added benefit of writing down what you would like to discuss before coming in is that you will not forget to ask about anything. If you are coming in for a regular teeth cleaning, we ask that you brush your teeth beforehand. It may seem counterintuitive since we are cleaning your teeth, but we can save you a lot of time if you come in with clean teeth making your visit only as long as it needs to be. Alongside brushing, we recommend flossing and using mouthwash if you have any. This will prepare the surfaces of your teeth for plaque removal and we will not have to spend time preparing your teeth. If you have a child who is fearful of the dentist, we take measures to make the experience fun. We also try to educate your young one on the importance of teeth care while they are here, so they know it is not just you telling them they cannot eat candy for every meal. If you or your child are fearful of coming in for a visit, give us a call. We will be happy to explain anything you need to know about our office and provide any information that you need....

Snoring Needs to Be Checked Instead of Just Ignored
Posted on 10/25/2019 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Most of us take the quality of our nightly sleep for granted until something unexpected happens. The effect of chronic insomnia can have a significant impact on our overall health and day to day operations. What happens when sleep becomes more of an impossible task? What will you do when your sleep is affected by snoring, chronic sleep apnea and insomnia. Snoring these days is extremely common. While we may not consider snoring to be a serious issue, in many instances, it is. While many people who snore do not snuffle and grant in their sleep, the truth of the matter is that snoring will always reduce the quality of your sleep. Moreover, it can also lead to tensions in your relationships, especially if one of you happens to be a lighter sleeper. Snoring and Sleep Apnea On many occasions, snoring is quite harmless. However, in some cases, it's usually a sign of an underlying problem. One of the most severe issues associated with snoring is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a dangerous health problem, and thus, we highly advise you to act as quickly as you can. With this disorder, people snore because there is a blockage within your airways. Sleep apnea can stop breathing for one second or two and thus it's quite dangerous and should be treated as soon as possible. Snoring Makes Your Teeth Suffer Apart from affecting your overall health, chronic snoring can also impact your overall oral health. Snoring tends to reduce the amount of saliva in your mouth and the process, increasing the amount of resistance and friction on your teeth. As time goes by, this can impact on your overall dental health. A great example of dental disorders that you are likely to develop include the burning mouth symptom, halitosis, tooth decay, gum diseases, mouth sores and dental infections....
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