Times Where Gingival Contouring Could Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on 10/30/2010 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Times Where Gingival Contouring Could Improve Your Oral HealthMany people are not happy with their smiles for multiple reasons. If you find yourself covering your mouth because you are embarrassed by your smile, then you should talk to us. Excess gingival tissue can create self-consciousness when smiling or speaking, but more importantly, it can also cause health problems.

There is a relatively simple procedure we can do, right here in our office called gingival contouring.

What is Gingival Contouring?

In simple terms, gingival contouring or sculpting is a laser procedure by which our dentist reshapes the gum tissue that surrounds your teeth. There can be many reasons why you would need to have this procedure including:

•  Cosmetic reasons
•  Excess gum tissue or gummy smile
•  Receding gums
•  Exposed roots

Gingival contouring is usually done in one visit and lasts about an hour, with no bleeding or stitches to worry about.

How Does Gingival Contouring Help Your Oral Health?

Gingival contouring is performed for cosmetic and health reasons. A lot of people who have gummy smiles, where a small part of the teeth is visible, request this procedure. However, in some instances, the need for the procedure is more than cosmetic.

In other situations, gingival contouring is performed to improve your oral health, such as when a patient has receding gums. In this case, areas of the tooth that are supposed to be protected by the gum tissue, are exposed and become more vulnerable to decay. Gingival contouring is also used when there are deep gum pockets which produce an increase in plaque accumulation.

With new laser technology, gingival contouring or sculpting can be done in our office with minimal side effect compared to other procedures. Patients who go through this procedure, report some swelling, but the discomfort usually subsides the following day. Let us know if you have concerns about your smile or gums during your next appointment.

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