What Options Do You Have for Tooth Whitening Procedures?

Posted on 12/30/2018 by Winning Smile Dental Group
What Options Do You Have for Tooth Whitening Procedures?There are many different ways to brighten your smile, but they are all different, and have different costs and requirements to meet. Which options are available to you for tooth whitening?

Bleachy Clean
The most common and well-known procedure is bleaching your teeth with gel, which can be done at home or in our office. The materials available for home use are weaker than what you get from a visit, however. This procedure typically involves hydrogen peroxide that is applied directly to the teeth and held there for a short duration to soak into the teeth and remove difficult stains. Multiple bleach sessions may occur to treat the most difficult stains, while gels also exist at a lower concentration for people with sensitive teeth, or teeth that don't need rigorous cleaning.

Got a Pen?
Another option that is gaining popularity is the use of bleach pens, which apply the product directly to the teeth and do not require cumbersome mouthguards to help hold in place. Be sure to use a product that is ADA approved (and never use regular cleaning bleach!), but this could be an option if you are in a hurry and only need a minor amount of discolor treatment.

Solid Strips

Still in the same category of bleaching products are whitening strips, which are normally sold over the counter and used as-is, applied over the teeth and held in place. This product straddles the line between the ease-of-use of a pen, and the deeper reach of a full gel treatment. It can, however, irritate your gums more easily than other products, and your saliva can dissolve the strip's adhesive, causing it to come loose or even fall off in the middle of a treatment.

Whitening Pastes

Most whitening toothpastes are recommended for people with sensitive teeth, as they rarely contain bleach, instead functioning with other abrading and polishing ingredients, such as baking soda and calcium carbonate. This product can be used alone or in tandem with bleaching gels, and conveniently replaces your usual toothpaste for routine hygiene.

There are many options available for tooth whitening. If you have questions about which one is best for you, or would like a professional to supervise your treatment, please give us a call!

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