Is Beet Sugar Any Safer for Your Teeth?

Posted on 4/15/2019 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Is Beet Sugar Any Safer for Your Teeth?If you are one of the millions of people who are trying to monitor their sugar intake, you may be looking into different sugar replacements, both natural and synthetic.

While substituting regular table sugar in your morning coffee or a homemade treat, may cut back on your carbohydrate and calorie intake, you should also be aware of how it is affecting your oral health. Not all sugars are created equal and knowing the difference can help you maintain good oral health while changing your diet.

Natural Sugar vs. Processed Sugar

We are often asked if natural sugars are better than processed sugars, and our short answer is "Barely.” Often times manufacturers will label products natural just as a gimmick to trick the consumer into thinking that they are making a healthier choice.

The only real difference between a natural sugar, like beet sugar and a processed sugar is that beet sugar may have other components that may be better for you. Natural sugars may contain minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, and while these things are admittedly good for you, we need to be clear; sugar is still bad for your oral health.

The bottom line when it comes to table sugar and beet sugar is that they are only marginally different. While the beet sugar comes from sugar beets and table sugar comes from sugar cane, they are both pure sucrose and the bacteria in your mouth can not tell the difference. The bacteria will still feed on the sugar and eat away at the enamel of your teeth, leading to cavities, decay and even tooth loss.

If you do choose to replace your regular table sugar with a natural sugar, please remember to brush and floss immediately after consuming the sugar. This will help you greatly reduce your risk for tooth decay.

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