Mouthguards Can Help You Sleep if You Snore or Struggle to Breathe

Posted on 6/25/2019 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Mouthguards Can Help You Sleep if You Snore or Struggle to BreatheYou may have thought that mouthguards were only for sports. Children and adults use mouthguards all the time when they are playing in contact sports or exercising to protect their teeth from being damaged.

While mouthguards are crucial for protecting your teeth if you are playing sports, they can also help you sleep better. Not sure how that works? Keep reading. You'll see that mouthguards may be able to provide you with the help you need to obtain optimum sleep levels.

How Mouthguards Help You Sleep Better

Mouthguards that are used for sleeping generally cover the biting surface of your tooth. Because the mouthguard covers your teeth, it puts them in their natural position. Your jaw is then aligned with your tongue, teeth and gums. Believe it or not, if you can align your jaw properly, not only will your teeth not hurt (if you clench at night), but you will be able to breathe better. If you can breathe better, you will not snore as much either, which should make other people in your family happy as well.

Adults who use mouthguards have reported that they are able to stay asleep for longer periods of time. They also report feeling more refreshed when they wake up. Their noses don't feel as stuffy, and their mouths aren't as dry. All of this benefits your oral health, because the drier your mouth is, the more bacteria can grow there.

If you are having trouble sleeping, you snore, or you have noticed that your nose is stuffy in the mornings, you may need a mouth guard. Why don't you give us a call? We would love to make an appointment for you to talk about your mouthguard needs, and whether you would benefit from one. You never know, you may really benefit from having those extra minutes of sleep and peaceful breathing every night.

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