Understanding How Hard Bristled Brushes Damage Your Enamel

Posted on 12/25/2019 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Understanding How Hard Bristled Brushes Damage Your EnamelWhen we view our teeth, many of us view them like a dirty plate with food. The thicker and grittier the scrubber, the quicker and more food you remove off the plate.

It's a very common misunderstanding that your teeth are basically the same way. Hard bristles don't clean better, they actually can hurt your teeth and your gums.

Bristles and Your Teeth

While you're brushing your teeth, it is damaging if you are pressing the bristles as hard as possible. Your toothpaste is already there and is abrasive, so it can remove plaque and bacteria. There has even been a news report put out by The Wall Street Journal that summarized up to 20% of Americans have caused some damage to their oral cavity by over-brushing. The damage consists of weakening the tooth's protective enamel. It can be repaired by a process referred to in the dental profession as remineralization. To allow the process to happen, you must avoid causing any further damage to your teeth and gums.

Soft Bristles and Your Enamel

When you lose patches of enamel on your tooth, you are now at risk for staining, tooth decay and sometimes your teeth may even hurt. If you lose your enamel, it's gone for some time. If you have some tough plaque on your teeth that a soft bristle brush can't remove, it's not likely a hard bristled brush will do the trick either. We can handle it with a good cleaning.

If you are using a hard bristle brush because you are worried about stains or ensuring your teeth are completely clean. It's best to take a look at your tooth brushing technique. If you want to clean your gums and teeth successfully, make sure that you are pointing the angle of your toothbrush bristles down towards the gum line, then while doing gentle circles, it should pull all of the plaque and bacteria out. The amount of time you spend applying some gentle pressure will get you the most success and clean your mouth safely.

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