I Think My Tooth Just Went Numb, What Do I Do?

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
I Think My Tooth Just Went Numb, What Do I Do?Your tooth is alive. Your tooth contains blood vessels and nerves. With that being said, however, if your tooth does feel numb, I think it may be a sign that your tooth has been injured. So, we need to find out what is going on, get you into the office to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Have you had some sort of oral trauma such as falling down or biting down hard on something? If not, perhaps maybe you have been grinding your teeth a lot lately? No? Well, do you participate in sports? Do you wear an athletic mouthguard?

Since you have indicated that there has been no negative oral trauma or injury to your mouth, then we suspect it must be from some sort of decay. When decay happens, you will feel a lack of sensation in your tooth as well as blood flow resulting in numbness, but it is still possible to save it from completely dying.

Get Immediate Help

It is important to get immediate treatment for a numb tooth that is dying, but also, we must ensure that the decay does not spread to the surrounding teeth and gums as well as the bones that are supporting the other teeth. So, it is more than likely we are going to have to do a root canal, which will remove the root and dead tooth pulp and the infected tooth. 

The space that is left to be filled by the extracted tooth will be filled with a special material and sealed to prevent further infection and a dental crown used to protect the tooth. If a root canal is not appropriate, then the tooth will have to be extracted to save the remaining teeth.

If you are experiencing any numbness in your teeth whatsoever, we encourage you to call our office immediately to come in and let us have a look and see what is going on with your teeth and gums to be causing the numbness. Don't delay as this is a very serious matter. 

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