Are Tongue Piercings Safe for your Mouth?
Posted on 7/23/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Are Tongue Piercings Safe for your Mouth?Your mouth is a multipurpose gateway to your body, and your oral health is critical to your overall well being. As such, it bodes well to ensure that you don't put your oral health in jeopardy with your lifestyle choices. It's bewildering how people, especially the younger generation, pierce different parts of their mouth without a critical assessment of the oral health consequences. 

No matter the type of oral piercing you opt for, you always need to put your oral health first. You run some risks of contracting an oral ailment, whether you choose to have a piercing placed vertically or horizontally on the tongue, lips, or cheeks, or uvula. You always need to be on guard against any possible oral problem that might accompany your oral piercing.

Possible Oral Health Effects of Oral Piercing

The permanent presence of a metal insert in your mouth can give rise to a wide range of health effects. The area of the insert traps food particles and plaque, creating a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause a wide range of oral ailments including bad breath, gum diseases, periodontitis, etc. The movement of the piercings can abrade various parts of your dentition, causing nerve damage, chipped, worn or broken teeth, swelling, damaged dental work, etc.

What to Do About Dental Problems Caused by Oral Piercing

Proper oral care for the piercing site can go a long way in preventing any outbreak of oral problems in the long run. You need to take time out to clean your piercing rings regularly. Choose an oral piercing style that'll be easier for you to clean and maintain. Avoid metallic or large barbells to minimize the risk of tooth damage from impact. You should also avoid fiddling or playing impact sports with your piercing ring. Want more info on how to care for your oral piercing? Call our experts today.

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