Signs of Microdontia
Posted on 4/20/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Signs of MicrodontiaThe term microdontia, in dentistry, refers to adult teeth that look baby size. If you have one or more teeth that is smaller than regular size, you have microdontia. Teeth of this size are called microdonts. The following information gives your further details about this dental condition.

More about Microdontia

Microdonts may be shaped normally or abnormally. For example, some may have a regular shape, but are very small while others are shaped triangularly. Many of the teeth have small roots while the crown's roots may be normal. Three types of microndontia have been defined. Localized microdontia means only one tooth has been affected. This tooth is usually a third molar or the upper lateral incisor. Truly generalized microdontia entails all the patient's teeth. This type of microdontia is rare. It is usually caused by Down's Syndrome. Chemotherapy or radiation treatments at a young age may also lead to the condition. Relatively generalized microdontia is not true microdontia. Rather, individuals with larger-sized jaws may experience the condition.

How Microdents Are Treated

If you have microdents, they can be treated so they accommodate easier chewing and better aesthetics. This may be done through bonding or by the creation of crowns or veneers. Because of the teeth's small size, we normally do not need to remove part of the tooth when making a crown or veneer. Bonding, which uses a composite resin, is a great solution, as it is faster than having crowns or veneers made and placed. Usually, no anesthesia is needed during the bonding process. You can take care of bonded teeth just like regular teeth. Therefore, bonding makes resizing your small teeth an easy transition.

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