Things to Do to Keep Your Jawbone Strong
Posted on 5/25/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Things to Do to Keep Your Jawbone StrongThe unsung warriors of your face, the jawbones are seldom given the attention they deserve. They provide the fundamental support to keep your dental structure in place and are also essential to the health of your teeth. For everything from talking to chewing food, jawbones play a crucial role in the optimum functionality of your mouth. Therefore, it's important to keep your jawbone strong for the overall health of your teeth.

Problems Affecting Jawbone

Adults experience problems in their jawbones from a multitude of reasons. These include infections in the gum, irregular oral care, aging, and osteoporosis. Some kinds of medication have also been found to be detrimental to the health of your jawbone. Accidents can also cause serious problems to the jawbone. But the most prevalent factor that leads to the loss of jawbone is periodontal disease. It's a disease that affects and destroys the gum tissue, eventually separating it from the teeth. This leads to bacterial growth and the subsequent breaking down of the gum tissue and the jawbone.

How to Prevent Jawbone Problems

As always, on top of the list is good oral care done regularly. Routine brushing and flossing, coupled with regular visits to our dentists can go a long way in keeping your jawbone healthy and strong. It also helps if your diet is healthy and not filled with too many sugary drinks or snacks. Smoking can cause serious problems for the jawbone and should be avoided.

When to Seek Our Help

For those senior citizens who have weak jawbones, our dentists have an excellent array of treatment options ranging from dentures to bridges to bone grafting. If you have suffered a serious blow to the face in an accident, altercation or a game, you need to visit us to ensure that there is no damage to your jawbone.

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