Times Where You May Want a Glass Filling
Posted on 6/8/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Times Where You May Want a Glass FillingOver the past few decades, there has been a steady rise in the consumption of sugary food and drinks among all sections of the population. This has invariably led to the formation of cavities in people who are not diligent about their oral care regimen and irregular with their dental checkups. Fortunately, cavities need not mean a permanent loss and added pressure on the adjoining teeth. Among the many fillings that can replace the decayed tooth, glass fillings are becoming popular for their distinct features.

What are Glass Fillings?

It's not uncommon to find cavities in children as they too consume beverages and food with high concentrations of sugar. Glass ionomer fillings are mostly used for babies who have lost part of their teeth to such cavities. Made of a paste, glass ionomer fillings seal the cavity-affected tooth to its immediate surrounding area. This protects the tooth from further decay and damage. Glass ionomer fillings are also used as temporary fillings in some instances.

Advantages of Glass Fillings

Silicate glass powder is the chief ingredient of the glass ionomer paste. This has an exceptional benefit in the form of its ability to release fluoride present in it. That works to prevent the formation of cavities and aids in strengthening teeth and gum tissues. Another advantage of glass fillings is that they are easy to prepare and do not require multiple visits to our offices. Since they are in the form of a paste, glass fillings are also easier to fix.

Does My Baby Need Glass Fillings?

It's important to bring your baby for periodic dental checkups with our pediatric dentists. In case they detect a cavity, they will advise you to get it filled at the earliest. In all likelihood, your child will get the glass filling in the same visit.

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