Fiber Can Help Improve Your Teeth – Here's How
Posted on 8/24/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Fiber Can Help Improve Your Teeth – Here's HowMost people are aware of the benefits of fiber and how great it is for your overall body health. Fiber offers great health benefits, but what it offers teeth and gums may not be so well-known. Maintaining a high fiber diet has been widely recommended by health professionals for years. Here's a quick overview on how fiber can promote great oral health alongside your whole-body health.

How Fiber Looks After Teeth

When we consume foods that contain high levels of fiber, these foods often require more chewing. The longer that we chew our food, the more saliva our mouths produce. This prolonged chewing works wonders for keeping our teeth and gums healthy. The more saliva in the mouth, the more health benefits it has to offer.

Saliva production kick starts our digestive system and is capable of fighting off bacteria in the mouth. When there are bad bacteria build up in the mouth, it can eventually cause tooth decay or other dental diseases, but saliva will work at removing any acid in the mouth that thins tooth enamel.
As we consume high fiber foods, the saliva will also remove leftover food particles in our mouth and between teeth. Every time we make a conscious effort to eat more high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables, we are also protecting our teeth against tooth decay.

Now that we know how important fiber is in our diet, for both teeth and gum health as well as keeping our digestive system happy, it is vital to add into our daily routine of healthy living and oral care.

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