Environmentally Friendly Toothbrush Options
Posted on 9/7/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Environmentally Friendly Toothbrush OptionsTo keep your teeth and mouth clean and green (not literally), our office recommends environmentally friendly toothbrushes. We applaud our patients' efforts to support sustainability. Therefore, the following suggestions are good choices if you want to preserve your smile and the earth as well.

Suggested Eco-friendly Brushes

One recycled toothbrush made by the Preserve™ brand is made with yogurt containers. You can even send the toothbrush back to the company for recycling. The bristles on the brush are made with new plastic materials. We also may steer patients toward a toothbrush made with soft compostable bioplastic bristles. Handles are made from leftover plant substances – a substitute for bamboo. Some toothbrush companies feature handles made of cellulose and bristles made of vegetable-based nylon. All the brushes are biodegradable and do not add to landfill waste.

What Kind of Electric Toothbrush Is Good for the Environment?

When it comes to using an electric toothbrush, it helps to find one using sustainable materials and conserves energy when charged. One great example is the ISSA brand electric toothbrush that only needs to be charged once every six months. The head of the toothbrush only needs replacement once a year. To support brushing, you can also find eco-friendly floss. Some of the dental strings are vegan-friendly and made with candelilla wax (a bit denser than beeswax) and cornstarch. Floss is also made with biodegradable materials, such as mulberry silk.

The above toothbrushes and floss only serve as examples. When shopping for a sustainable toothbrush or vegan friendly floss, make sure its materials can be repurposed, the brush head is soft on toothbrushes, and the item is sturdy. We believe in sustainability too, but we still carefully review the market, as some eco-friendly brushes or dental aids will not support specific dental goals. Brush heads must slightly bend to clean the gum line and floss must not fray while used. If you are wondering if your toothbrush choice is the right one, all you need to do is ask. We will look at the design and materials to make sure it will take care of your oral health as well. To set up a dental appointment, give us a call now.

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