Why Keep My Records Current?
Posted on 9/21/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Why Keep My Records Current?Finding a dentist we can comfortable with can sometimes be difficult, so when we find one we like we want to hold onto them. However, sometimes life gets in the way and we are forced to. What if the dentist retires? What if a new job opportunity comes up and we move to a different city? We would have to find a new dentist. Without our dental records, we are forced to rely on our memory regarding treatment. As we all know, recalling dental procedures and dates is not high on our recall list. This can create problems for the new dentist. You might ask how. Aren't all dentists able to provide the same treatment?

How to Treat Pre-existing Conditions

Every patient is unique and so are their records. That is why it is important to have them transferred with you to the new practice. Otherwise, the new practice is starting from scratch. The records will have a history of all visits, treatments received, surgical history and details of all communications between you and the office. Having accurate records can save both money and time. It can help avoid the retaking of x-rays and having examinations which were already completed by your old dental practice.

If a patient has a serious dental disease such as periodontal disease it creates a problem for the new practice. Why, you ask? Because there are dozens of ways to treat it. If the bone loss is significant but the old office had stabilized it through maintenance the new dental professionals will offer a different treatment plan than if it was a new, dramatic occurrence.

Please take a few moments and make sure we are made aware of any changes in your oral health to maintain your updated records. You can always contact us with questions or concerns.

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