How Can You Tell if You Grind or Clench Your Teeth?
Posted on 11/9/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
How Can You Tell if You Grind or Clench Your Teeth?Some people don't realize they grind or clench their teeth unless they are diagnosed with bruxism. However, you can spot bruxism signs early if you learn more about the development of the problem.

What Are the Telltale Signs of Grinding or Clenching the Teeth?

According to the site, WebMD, most people grind or clench their teeth when sleeping, so they do not know they have a problem with bruxism. The site states that grinding or clenching the teeth occasionally will not cause harm. However, if it becomes a regular occurrence, dental damage results and oral health complications emerge. Normally, stress leads to bruxism, and may be caused by a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, or by an abnormal bite. If you have sleep problems and an abnormal or misaligned bite and experience a sore jaw or constant or dull headache, you could have the problem. Further, if you notice abnormal wear on your teeth, you should see if it is due to bruxism.

Other More Advanced Problems

Further problems caused by grinding and clenching the teeth at night include tooth fractures, or even the loosening or loss of teeth. In some instances, a person with chronic bruxism can easily wear down their teeth to stumps. If you end up with these problems, you will need to see about restoring your smile with bridges, root canal treatments, crowns, implants, partial dentures, or even full dentures. In addition, severe cases of grinding and clenching can trigger TMJ or TMD as well as change your facial profile.

It helps to find the reason for tooth grinding. Is it because of a bite problem, insomnia, or stress? If stress is the cause for bruxism, you need to learn methods for reducing stress and cut back on foods or drinks that contain caffeine. In addition, avoiding alcohol and learning to relax the jaw muscles can help lessen instances of grinding and clenching. If you believe you may have bruxism, give us a call so we can determine if you do have the condition. Don't ignore any telltale signs, as bruxism can drastically impact your oral health.

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