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Avoid the disadvantages of silver fillings with mercury-free dentistry at Winning Smile Dental Group
In the past, dentists around the world used silver amalgam for dental fillings. Even today, many dentists still place amalgam fillings on a routine basis. Unfortunately, silver amalgam contains a large amount of mercury, a metal that has been linked to serious health complications. At Winning Smile Dental Group we offer mercury-free fillings as a part of our holistic approach to dentistry. We believe that a holistic approach works wonders not only for your oral health but your overall health as well.

The Disadvantages of Silver Amalgam

Dr. Polly Reese no longer places silver amalgam for a number of reasons, which include:
•  Environmental: When improperly disposed, the mercury in amalgam can pollute our environment.
•  Corrosion: Because it is made from non-precious metals, silver amalgam corrodes in a wet environment, especially the mouth. Corrosion can lead to unintended tooth damage, as well as an ugly appearance. Corrosion causes the metal to expand, which can cause the healthy tooth structure to fracture. Once the tooth cracks, other restorations may be necessary.
•  Aesthetics: Amalgam fillings are aesthetically-displeasing and look unnatural because of the bright silver color. After the corrosion process, silver amalgam looks even worse. The material we use, composite resin, give restorations a more natural appearance.
•  Safety: Mercury has been proven to be toxic, even though it is still accepted by many dental professionals. Studies have shown that amalgam can endanger your health by emitting mercury vapors. Studies have also shown that dental office employees have elevated levels of mercury due to prolonged exposure. Alternative materials do not have the potential risks of systematic mercury poisoning.
•  Education: Recent reports have revealed that many patients are uninformed about the mercury in silver amalgam. This means that amalgam is frequently implanted without informed consent.

White Fillings

At Winning Smile Dental Group, we offer white fillings as a safe alternative to amalgam. White fillings are primarily fabricated with composite resin, a material that consists of a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture. Besides being safe, the composite is also esthetically-pleasing. Dr. Polly Reese can blend shades of the material to create a color that is nearly identical to the rest of your natural tooth. Composite bonds to the tooth to provide additional structural support, which prevents the tooth from fracturing and reduces sensitivity issues. Patients with white fillings also maintain more of their natural tooth structure.

If you already have an amalgam filling, Dr. Polly Reese can help you have it removed and replaced with a white filling. In addition to being healthier, your new filling will be durable and aesthetically pleasing.

During the procedure for a white filling, Dr. Polly Reese will prepare the damaged tooth by removing the decayed material. Next, the area will be sterilized and flushed out using a special cleaning solution. Then, the composite resin will be placed in a series of layers. Each layer is then bonded and hardened using a special curing light. Once the cavity is filled, Dr. Polly Reese will trim the excess material and polish the tooth.

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