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Your mouth consists of numerous components. Many of them, including the teeth, the gums, the tongue and other intraoral soft tissues, can be seen with a visual examination. However, there are numerous parts of your mouth that are completely hidden from view, such as your tooth roots, the periodontal ligaments, the jawbone and more. At Winning Smile Dental Group, it is our goal to provide you with optimal oral health care. To achieve this goal, we need to be able to see every part of your mouth. This is possible with digital x-rays.

The Importance of X-ray Images

X-rays play an important role in your oral health care. They allow us to see all of the structures in your mouth that we cannot see with the naked eye. With these images, we can understand the current condition of your mouth and monitor any changes. X-rays are integral for diagnosing a wide array of oral health issues and enable us to create the most effective treatment plan for your unique needs. We can see issues that might not otherwise present in the visible areas of your mouth, such as damaged roots and abscesses. Once treatment has been provided, x-rays also allow us to monitor your healing to make sure everything is progressing properly.

Digital x-rays Dental Technology from Winning Smile Dental Group

Concerns About Traditional X-rays

While x-rays are essential, many patients express concerns over traditional x-ray methods. This is because traditional x-rays rely on radiation to capture images. Radiation exposure is concerning for many patients and can lead them to avoid getting any images taken. In avoiding images, issues that might have been detected by an x-ray go undiagnosed. These issues can worsen, causing serious oral health issues that require much more invasive care.

Radiation is one of the biggest concerns with traditional x-rays, but it is not the only drawback. Traditional x-rays need to be developed. This means that you are left alone in the dental chair while your images are developed in a separate darkroom. This eats up a valuable appointment time. The rest of your appointment may be rushed. You may not fully understand what you are being told in such a short time, and you may have questions go unanswered. As a result, you may feel confused, concerned and even very anxious.

What Are Digital X-rays?

Digital x-rays are a technological advancement over traditional x-rays. This x-ray technology relies on electronics to capture your images rather than radiation. An electronic sensor, which is attached to a computer, is placed in your mouth. With the click of a button, your images are taken and displayed almost instantly on the computer monitor. We do not need to leave the room.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

There are numerous benefits to digital x-rays.
•  Taking images is quick and easy.
•  Your images are displayed almost immediately on the computer monitor.
•  Computer software allows us to manipulate images in a variety of different ways. We can zoom in, enhance, and even change the colors of the images. All of these features enable us to see finer details and allow us to make a more accurate diagnosis.
•  You can see the images alongside us.
•  Because your images do not need to be developed, your entire appointment is spent with you. We can take the time to go over your images, discuss treatment options, and answer any questions that you might have. This can leave you feeling more confident about, and prepared for, treatment.
•  Digital x-rays use electronic technology. Your exposure to radiation is cut up to 95 percent!

Digital x-rays allow us to see all of the structures within your mouth, which allows us to get a complete picture of your oral health, diagnose issues, and provide you with the best possible treatment. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call Winning Smile Dental Group today at (224) 307-4977.

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