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Evanston dentist looking at digital bite impressions

At Winning Smile Dental Group, our team takes pride in providing each patient with high-quality care using the latest techniques and technology. By investing time into advancing their education and staying on top of recent advancements, Drs. Reese and Baima are able to boost your oral health and improve the appearance of your smile more efficiently and effectively than ever. You can learn more about our technology and state-of-the-art facilities below.

How Technology Makes Our Dentistry Better

  • Gentle Laser Gum Therapy
  • Same-Day CEREC Dental Restorations
  • Certified Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crown Process

Dental team member using CEREC same day dental crown system

Using our advanced digital impression system, we’re able to develop a detailed and precise blueprint of any area of your smile and utilize it to craft a perfectly fitted restoration or mouthguard. Instead of gag-inducing putty, we’ll capture the impression with a handheld imaging instrument. This approach is also more convenient because we’re able to get a great impression the first time, every time, meaning we never have to do retakes.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist capturing intraoral images

Using our DY USB 50 intraoral camera and Dexis imaging software, we’re able to take detailed images of your mouth to spot small oral health problems that are lingering in areas that are invisible to the naked eye. We can also utilize our camera to add a visual aid while explaining the seriousness of an oral health problem so you know exactly what we’re talking about and can see it in real-time.

Advanced Air Filtration

Advanced air filtration system

In today’s environment, it is more important than ever to keep the air around us clean. That is why we have installed air filtration systems in each of the rooms of our dental office. We are being sure to take every extra precaution we can to keep you and our team safe in these trying times.

Extra-oral Suction

Extra-oral suction system

Thousands of tiny droplets of saliva and blood, or aerosols, are created during even the most routine dental procedures, and these can often carry potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. In order to keep our team, our patients, and our community safe, we utilize an extra-oral suction system. The instrument is placed about a foot away from a patient, and it quietly vacuums all the aerosols coming from their mouth to prevent them from circulating in the air. The aerosols are then exposed to a UV light that is proven to kill most viruses and bacteria and then forced through a filter that removes 99.99% of particles.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue laser dentistry system

Our dental office is equipped with a Picasso Lite Diode Laser, which can aid in gum disease treatment, gum recontouring, and even frenectomies. This device emits a concentrated beam of light that allows us to painlessly sculpt oral tissues. Plus, because it cauterizes an area as it works, there’s no need for incisions or sutures, meaning you’ll have little to no recovery time and experience practically no bleeding during the procedure.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays on chairside computer

We utilize a portable X-ray unit to capture high-quality images of what lies below the gumline. This allows us to easily diagnose decay developing between teeth, decay forming below a filling, bone loss due to gum disease, impacted wisdom teeth, and infections forming below the gums. By utilizing digital imaging, we’re also able to reduce your exposure to radiation by up to 90 percent!

iTero 5D Scanner

Woman smiling in dental chair while dentist examines digital impressions

We are committed to the most precise and effective treatments, which is why we have the iTero 5D scanner technology in our office. This unique instrument is a hybrid dental imaging system, allowing us to record in 3D with color and use NIRI images at the same time. This means no messy putty for smile impressions and more convenient, comfortable dental visits. We use the iTero 5D scanner for a variety of dental services, including Invisalign, dental implants, dental crowns, and more!