Smile Gallery – Evanston, IL

A History of Winning Smiles

When you’ve been practicing dentistry as long as Dr. Reese (34 respectively), you’ve likely been a part of countless smile transformations. Below, you’ll find just a few examples of the great work Dr. Reese and our team provide Evanston every single day. As you’ll see, our team truly goes above and beyond to deliver the perfect result every time. To learn about some of the services featured here and how you could become the next stunning smile in our gallery, contact us today.

Winning Smiles


Sophia is a cosmetic patient that had a congenitally missing lateral that was replaced with a cerec maryland bridge.


Marian is a cosmetic patient with two crowns and veneers.


John is an invisalign patient.


Robert is an invisalign patient.


Steven an invisalign and whitening patient.


William was an Invisalign patient and whitening patient.

After Veneers and Crowns

Patient's smile restored with porcelain crowns

Restored with Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

All smiles after anterior composite bonding.

This patient received a beautiful new upper denture to replace his missing teeth.

Big smiles after being restored with anterior bonding.

Before & Afters

Before and after of dental implants and crowns

Before and after composite bonding of congenitally small lateral incisor

Dr. Baima performed a soft tissue graft for this patient.

Shown above is a side by side comparison of old silver amalgam fillings in the before image, replaced with composite fillings.

Patient's teeth were misaligned and crowns didn't match the other teeth in size or color. Dr. Reese replaced the crowns and placed veneers with a gorgeous result.

Before and after of a completed Invisalign case.

Before and after of veneers placed to close diastema.

Before showing crooked smile line, different colors, and old crowns.
Dr. Reese replaced the old dental work with a full mouth reconstruction, using beautiful all-porcelain crowns.

This patient's two front teeth were fractured as a result of a trauma. One of the teeth required a root canal treatment.Dr. Reese then restored the teeth with all porcelain crowns.

Patient did not want bright white teeth but wanted a subdued, natural color, which Dr. Reese was able to provide for her, with a new bridge and crowns.