3 Lesser-Known Facts About Same-Day Dental Crowns

August 12, 2022

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Dentist making same-day dental crowns

Compared to regular ones, you might think same-day crowns’ only advantage is their reduced treatment time. After all, isn’t that implied by their name? Calling them “same-day” restorations emphasizes that dentists can design, make, and fit them in a single visit. However, it turns out there’s a bit more to these crowns. Besides how quickly dentists can place them, they have other beneficial features too. Read on to learn three of these lesser-known facts about same-day dental crowns.

They Eliminate the Need for Putties

You normally have to bite into gross-tasting putty when getting traditional crowns. Lab technicians use the resulting dental impression to design your “tooth caps” over several weeks.

Thankfully, same-day crowns don’t require the putty step. Instead, they use detailed 3D models of your teeth for the design process. Plus, the three-dimensional image created by CEREC’s digital scanner is more exact. As such, you both avoid unpleasant tastes and get better-fitting caps.

They Offer Increased Comfort

Same-day crowns also reduce the discomfort you’ll experience from placement. Since there’s only one visit involved, you’ll only have to get numbing shots once. Plus, while traditional crowns make your mouth sore over two appointments, same day ones ensure you only deal with soreness once.

In essence, then, the procedure – from the surgery itself to the aftercare — is much more comfortable.

They Cost the Same as Traditional Crowns

At least initially, you may think same-day crowns are more expensive than the porcelain standards. They use cutting-edge technology to reduce placement time, so wouldn’t that drive up the cost? Surprisingly, though, they tend to be the same price as traditional porcelain crowns.

You see, same-day crowns drop certain charges you’d get from traditional versions. For example, they don’t need your dentist to make a temporary crown or send dental impressions to a lab. These crowns also don’t have a copay for added appointments. As a result, you’re saved from paying for such things.

Admittedly you’ll still cover the cost of equipment involved in same-day crowns. Even so, that only makes the overall price of the two types about equal.

As you can see, same-day dental crowns have several factors going in their favor. That said, see if these restorations could be just what your smile needs.

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